Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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These 14mmmade 14mmto 14mmorder 14mmelegant 14mmdangle 14mmplugs 14mmfeature 14mmblack 14mmresin 14mmflowers, 14mmset 14mmin 14mmsilver 14mmplated 14mmscalloped 14mmsettings. 14mmDangling 14mmfrom 14mmeach 14mmis 14mma 14mmteal 14mmor 14mmpink 14mmenameled 14mmmetal 14mmbow, 14mmand 14mma 14mmwhite 14mmfaux 14mmpearl 14mmbead 14mmthat's 14mmtopped 14mmwith 14mma 14mmsilver 14mmplated 14mmfiligree 14mmbead 14mmcap. 14mmThese 14mmare 14mmlovely 14mmplugs, 14mmsimple 14mmyet 14mmwith 14mman 14mmelegant 14mmtouch. 14mmThis 14mmmade-to-order 14mmpair 14mmis 14mmavailable 14mmin 14mmthe 14mmfollowing 14mmsize/styles:9/16" 14mm- 14mmBlack 14mmAcrylic 14mmNo 14mmFlare 14mmwith 14mmO 14mmRings 14mmor 14mmBlack 14mmAcrylic 14mmDouble 14mmFlare9/16" 14mm- 14mmBlack 14mmStone 14mmwith 14mmFlare***This 14mmis 14mma 14mmmade-to-order 14mmpair 14mmthat 14mmwill 14mmbe 14mmmade 14mmto 14mmyour 14mmspecifications 14mmafter 14mmyour 14mmpurchase. 14mm 14mmThese 14mmare 14mmnot 14mmyet 14mmready 14mmto 14mmship 14mmand 14mmwill 14mmtake 14mm5-7 14mmbusiness 14mmdays 14mmto 14mmbe 14mmmade, 14mmpackaged 14mmand 14mmshipped 14mmout 14mmto 14mmyou 14mmafter 14mmyou 14mmplace 14mmyour 14mmorder. 14mm 14mmPlease 14mmbe 14mmaware 14mmof 14mmthis 14mmprocessing 14mmtime 14mmbefore 14mmchecking 14mmout.*** 14mm 14mmTop 14mmof 14mmRose 14mmto 14mmBack 14mmof 14mmPlug: 14mm3/4" 14mm(a 14mmbit 14mmthicker 14mmfront-to-back 14mmthan 14mmmost 14mmof 14mmmy 14mmplug 14mmstyles, 14mmso 14mmbe 14mmaware 14mmof 14mmthat 14mmbefore 14mmpurchasing)Total 14mmLength 14mmfrom 14mmTop 14mmto 14mmBottom: 14mmAbout 14mm2" 14mm(these 14mmare 14mmpretty 14mmshort)10g 14mmthru 14mm0g 14mmin 14mmthis 14mmstyle 14mmcan 14mmbe 14mmfound 14mmhere: 14mmhttps://www./listing/538961361/wedding-dangle-plugs-10g-8g-6g-4g-2g-0g?ref=shop_home_active_800g 14mmthru 14mm1/2" 14mmin 14mmthis 14mmstyle 14mmcan 14mmbe 14mmfound 14mmhere: 14mmhttps://www./listing/525151656/dangle-plugs-00g-10mm-716-11mm-12-12mm?ref=shop_home_active_4Check 14mmout 14mmmy 14mmother 14mmplugs 14mmhere: 14mmhttps://www./shop/Lunachick/search?search_query=plugs&order=date_desc&view_type=gallery&ref=shop_searchNot 14mmthe 14mmright 14mmsize 14mmor 14mmcolor? 14mmThere 14mmare 14mmLOTS 14mmof 14mmcolor/size 14mmcombos 14mmthat 14mmI 14mmdon't 14mmhave 14mmlisted 14mmthat 14mmI 14mmcan 14mmdo 14mmfor 14mmyou, 14mmso 14mmif 14mmthere's 14mmsomething 14mmelse 14mmyou 14mmhave 14mmin 14mmmind, 14mmplease 14mmmessage 14mmme 14mmand 14mmask 14mmabout 14mmother 14mmoptions! 14mmQuestions? 14mmFeel 14mmfree 14mmto 14mmmessage 14mmme 14mmor 14mmcheck 14mmout 14mmmy 14mmShop 14mmPolicies 14mmfor 14mmmore 14mminfo:http://www./shop/Lunachick/policy?ref=shopinfo_policies_leftnav

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