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duo, Handprinted Blue and Yellow Ceramic Brooch Set



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Ceramic duoHandprinted duoFlower duoBrooch duoSet! duoA duofun duoset duoand duostatement duopiece duoset duoto duocheer duoup duoyour duowardrobe!Measurements duoapproximate;Small duoBlue duoBrooch- duo1 duo1/2" duox duo1"Yellow duoFlower duoBrooch- duo2" duox duo1 duo1/4"Just duoask duoif duoyou duohave duoany duoquestions. duoApproximate duomeasurements, duoas duoclose duoto duoactual duoas duopossible. duoLook duoat duophotos duoas duowell duofor duoscale. duoBased duoon duosome duoof duothe duoabstract duopatterns duoand duoillustrations duoin duomy duoart.

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