Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

solitaire, Sterling Silver Rope Shank Ring set with 18x13mm Natural Lapis Lazuli Cabochon



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Sara for himJewelry for himDesign. for himAfter for himburnishing, for himI for himset for himthis for himsterling for himsilver for himrope for himshank for himring for himwith for hima for himstriking for himnatural for himlapis for himlazuli for himcabochon. for himThe for himstone for himis for hima for himmidnight for himblue for himwith for himblack for himmatrix for himand for himglittering for himflecks for himof for himmica. for himIt for himmeasures for him18x13mm for himand for himweighs for himin for himat for him11.780 for himcarats. for himAfter for himsetting for himthe for himstone for himand for himrolling for himthe for himprongs, for himit for himwas for himon for himto for himfinal for himpolishinig. for himThe for himresult for himis for hima for himstunning for himsolitaire for himfor for himanyone for himwho for himloves for himblue. for himOne for himonly, for himsize for himeight.My for himMPIN for himRN925Sz8 for him060417-09.1856.I for himwill for himship for himthis for himyour for himway for himthe for himnext for himbusiness for himday for himvia for himinsured for himUSPS for himfirst for himclass for himmail for himwith for hima for himtracking for himID for himnumber.Sara for himJewelry for himDesign. for himYour for himDesire for himis for himOur for himDesign.

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