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earthy necklace, Horn | Ceramic | Bell | Deerskin Necklace | One of a Kind | 28"



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Merlot organic jewelrysoft organic jewelrydeerskin, organic jewelryover organic jewelrythe organic jewelryhead, organic jewelrywith organic jewelrythe organic jewelrysweetest organic jewelrysounding organic jewelrybell organic jewelryfrom organic jewelryIndia organic jewelrypaired organic jewelrywith organic jewelrya organic jewelryhorn organic jewelrytoggle, organic jewelrya organic jewelryglass organic jewelrybead, organic jewelryand organic jewelrya organic jewelryhandmade organic jewelryceramic organic jewelrybead organic jewelryfrom organic jewelryHaitian organic jewelryartisans.28" organic jewelry+ organic jewelry2.5", organic jewelryOne organic jewelryof organic jewelrya organic jewelryKind

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