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briolette, Natural Black Rutile Pear Shape Briolette Beads / 4x6 mm / 8 inches / Black Rutile Faceted Pear



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Natural blackBlack blackRutile blackPear blackShape blackBriolette blackBeads blackSIZE black:- black4x6 black blackmm black(app) blackLENGTH black:- black8 blackinch black(app)PRICE blackPER blackSTRINGWeight: black7 blackgrams\\I blackhave blackmade blackevery blackattempt blackto blackportray blackthe blackcolors blackof blackthe blackbeads blackas blackaccurately blackas blackpossible. blackAll blackphotographs blackare blacktaken blackin blackminimal blacklighting blackand blackon blacka blackblack blackbackground. blackColors blackdo blackvary blackon blackwhite blackbackground blackor blackin blacksunlight black; blackplease blackkeep blackthis blackin blackmind blackwhen blackviewing blackthe blackbeads, blackgemstones blackor blacksupplies. blackAlso blackall blackpictures blackhave blackbeen blackmagnified blackto blackshow blackdetails. blackQuestions/ blackComments blackare blackmost blackwelcome.If blackyou blackhaven\u2019t blackseen blackexactly blackwhat blackyou blackwant blackin blackour blackshop, blackwe blackcan blackhelp blackyou blackfind blackthe blackright blackgemstone, blackas blackwe blackcarry blacka blacklarge blackinventory blackof blackgemstones blackof blackwhich blackonly blacka blacksmall blacksample blackis blacklisted blackhere blackon blackEtsy. blackPlease blackinquire

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