Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Antique Vintage Wooden Letterpress Block Necklaceletter i, Letter I or L



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One stampof stampa stampkind stampnecklace stampis stampcomprised stampof stampan stampantique stampvintage stampwooden stampletterpress stampblock stampstick stampwith stamprubber stampletter stamphead stampfeaturing stampa stampcapital stampletter stampI. stampI stampcreated stampthis stamppendant stampby stampsawing stampdown stampthe stamplonger stampwooden stampstick, stampdrilling stampa stamphole stampthrough stampthe stampside stampand stampsanding stampthe stampedges stampdown. stampReclaimed stampblock stampshows stampnatural stampwear stampfrom stampage stampand stamphangs stampfrom stampa stampgold stampplated stampchain stampand stampwire stampclasp. stampNecklace stampwas stampdesigned stampand stampassembled stampby stampMary stampAndrews, stampa stampjewelry stampdesigner stampand stampArtist stampdwelling stampin stampBrooklyn, stampNY.* stampNecklace stampchain stampmeasures stamp24 stampinches stampin stamplength.* stampPerfect stampas stampa stamppersonalized stampgift stampwith stampinitial, stampmonogram, stampfavorite stampletter, stampor stampother stampcreative stampuse stampfor stampa stamppersonalized stampletter.* stampThis stampis stampthe stamponly stampletter stampI stampversion stampI stamphave stampof stampthis stamppendant. stampSee stampthe stampother stampletter stampversions stampI stamphave stampavailable stamphere: stamphttp://www./search_results_shop.php?search_query=letterpress&search_type=user_shop_ttt_id_1751SPECIAL stampNOTES: stamp--------------------------Thanks stampso stampmuch stampfor stamptaking stampa stamppeek stampand stampplease stamphave stampa stamplook stamparound stampthe stamprest stampof stampthe stampshop: stampcontrary..

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