Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

red coral, lot of 12 branches of true Mediterranean red coral of 1st choice for making valuable jewelry



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12 red coralbranches red coralof red coralcoral red coralCoral red coraltrue red coralCorsican red coralred red coralcoral red coralof red coral1st red coralchoice red coral.0.3 red coralmm red coralholeBranches: red coralabout red coral1 red coralto red coral3 red coralcmThick red coral0.2 red coralcmAll red coralcoral red coralbranches red coralare red coralunique red coralso red coralwe red coralsend red coralyou red coralthe red coralmost red coralsimilar red coralto red coralthe red coralphoto red coralbut red coralthey red coralcan't red coralbe red coralthe red coralsamethese red coralare red coralbranches red coralof red coralbeauty red coralthat red coralwill red coralgive red corala red corallot red coralof red coralvalue red coralto red coralyour red coralcreations red coralbecause red coralCorsican red coralcoral red coralis red coralrare red coraland red coralexpensiveCertificate red coralof red coralauthenticity red coralon red coralrequest.

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