Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

birth date, Additional Birth Stat Bar- Sterling Silver 4 Sided CUSTOM Birth Statistics Bar - Bar ONLY



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Custom customMother's customNecklace customwith customall customthe customdetails customof customyour customprecious customlittle customone's custombirth. custom customI customhave custommade customthese customfor customseveral customyears customas customgifts customto custommy customnieces customon customthe custombirth customof customtheir customchildren. custom customAs customrequested, customI customam customnow customoffering customthem customto customall customof customyou! custom customI customhope customyou customcherish customthem customas custommuch customas custommy customnieces customdo.The customnecklace customconsists customof customa customsolid customsterling customsquare custombar customthat customis custom1 custom1/4" customlong. custom customEach customof customthe customfour customsides customare customstamped customwith customyour customlittle customones custominformation customas customfollows:side custom1 custom- customFirst customNameside custom2 custom- custombirth customweightside custom3 custom- custombirth customdateside custom4 custom- customtime customof custombirth customOR customlengthThey customare customdesigned customto customhang customwith customthe customname customto customthe customfront. custom customThese customare customoxidized, customselectively customhand custompolished, customand customtumbled customfor customadded customstrength customand customshine. custom customI customhave customshown customPaige's custom(my customnewest customgreat customniece) customwith customan customaccompanying custombirthstone. custom customThose customcan custombe custompurchased customseparately customhere:https://www./listing/121242416/gemstone-dropcharm-wire-wrapped-add-a?ga_search_query=birthstone&ref=shop_items_search_23This customlisting customis customfor customthe customcustom customstamped custombar customONLY. custom customNo customChain. custom customNo customBirthstone.

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