Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage bead, Vintage Ceramic Macrame Bead | C-lon Necklace 14.5" | One of a Kind



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I vintage beadhave vintage beada vintage beadbrilliant vintage beadstash vintage beadof vintage beadceramic vintage beadbeads vintage beadthat vintage beadwere vintage beadmade vintage beadfor vintage beadincorporating vintage beadinto vintage beadmacrame vintage beaddesigns vintage beadfrom vintage beadabout vintage bead30-40 vintage beadyears vintage beadago. vintage beadThey vintage beadmake vintage beadme vintage beadvery vintage beadhappy!This vintage beadone vintage beadis vintage beadspeckled vintage beadwith vintage beadbeiges vintage beadand vintage beadpinks vintage beadon vintage beada vintage beadblue vintage beadc-lon vintage bead(cotton/nylon) vintage beadcord.14.5", vintage beadSterling vintage beadSilver vintage beadClasp, vintage beadOne vintage beadof vintage beada vintage beadKind

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