Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

stone jewelry, 1970's Recycled Glass | Jasper | Long Necklace 33.5" | One of a Kind



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Large luckrecycled luckglass luckbeads luckfrom luckthe luck1970's luckwith lucka lucksmoke/transparent lucklook luckthat luckI luckpaired luckwith lucklarge luckred luckglass luckbeads luckand lucksmall luckfaceted luckmulti-colored luckjasper luckstones.Truly lucka luckOne luckof lucka luckKind!33.5", luckSterling luckSilver luckClasp, luckOne luckof lucka luckKindJasper: luckSaid luckto luckhelp luckwith luckdetermination luckand luckhonesty luckboth luckto luckones luckself luckand luckto luckothers. luckA luckstrong luckand luckprotective luckstone.

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