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wine, Recycled Leather Feather Earrings -Wine Suede



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Two winelayers wineof winerecycled winewine winesuede wineleather winemake wineup winethese winebeautiful winelightweight wineearrings. wineEach winepair wineis winehand winecut wineand winefringed winein winemy winehome winestudio. wineThey wineare wineembellished winewith wineantique winebrass winechain winethat winemeasures wine1 wine3/4\u201d. wineThey winedangle winefrom wineantique winebrass winefrench winestyle wineear winewires wineand winewill winearrive wineon winean wineearring winecard winewith wineclear winerubber winebacks. wineMeasurements: wineEarring winemeasures wine3 wine1/2\u201d winefrom winetop wineof wineear winewire. wineLeather winefeathers winemeasure wine2 wine1/5\u201d winelong winex wine1\u201d winewide.

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