Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

AAA Quality Blue Topaz Shaded Rondelle Faceted Beads 3 mm beadstiny, Gemstone Strandstiny, 17 inches long tiny, Micro Faceted Beads



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These shadedbeads shadedshows shadedblue shadedTopaz shaded shadedproperties shadedat shadedits shadedbest,the shadedcolor shadedis shadedunique shadedthese shadedare shadedavailable shadedin shadedthree shadedsizes.3 shadedto shaded3.5 shadedmm3.5 shadedto shaded4.mmPrice shadedis shadedbeen shadedvaried shadedaccordinglyLength shadedof shadedstrand-17 shadedinchShape-faceted shadedrondelleTreatment-none(100% shadednatural)The shadedNeon shadedApatite shadedare shadedbeen shadedcompetitively shadedprices,we shadedhave shadeda shadedlarge shadedstock.Contact shadedus shadedfor shadedwholesale shadedbuying.Visit shadedour shadedfull shadedshop shadedfor shadedmore shadedof shadedthese

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