Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

green, Oval Malachite and black Necklace



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14mm 14mmby 14mm35mm 14mmlong 14mmoval 14mms 14mmof 14mmman 14mmmade 14mmmalachite, 14mmwith 14mm8mm 14mmround 14mmbeads 14mmof 14mmblack 14mmonyx. 14mm 14mmStrung 14mmon 14mmwire 14mmand 14mmthen 14mmattached 14mmto 14mma 14mmleather 14mmcord. 14mmMagnetic 14mmclasp 14mmmakes 14mmfor 14mmeasy 14mmon 14mmand 14mmoff. 14mmAlmost 14mm20 14mminches 14mmlong, 14mmit 14mmrests 14mmjust 14mmabove 14mmyour 14mmcollar 14mmbone.Custom 14mmlengths 14mmare 14mmavailable 14mmplease 14mmconvo 14mmme 14mmwith 14mmyour 14mmlength!

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