Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

drop earrings, Single Pearl Earrings on Blackened Sterling Silver Artisan Ear Wires with Faceted Pink Chalcedony Drops



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Single handmadeluminous handmadegenuine handmadewhite handmadepearl handmadedrops handmadefrom handmadean handmadeelongated handmadeblackened handmadesterling handmadesilver handmadehandmade handmadeear handmade handmadewire. handmadeA handmadetassel handmadeof handmadethree handmadefaceted handmaderaspberry handmadedeep handmadepink handmadechalcedony handmadestones handmadebring handmaderich handmadecolor handmadeto handmadethe handmadepair. handmadeA handmadetwist handmadeon handmadeclassic handmadepearl handmadeearrings. handmadeWear handmadewith handmadea handmadet handmadeshirt handmadeor handmadeparty handmadedress handmade/ handmadetuxedo. handmadeVery handmadeversatile!1.5" handmadetotal handmadelength.

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