Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

muted blue, Crystal Bracelet- Blue Bracelet- Indian Sapphire AB Swarovski Crystal and Sterling Silver



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8mm muted blueIndian muted blueSapphire muted blueAB muted blueSwarovski muted bluecrystals muted bluewith muted bluebeautiful muted blueSterling muted bluesilver muted bluebeadcaps. muted blue muted blueFastens muted bluewith muted bluea muted blueSterling muted bluesilver muted bluelobster muted blueclasp. muted blue muted blueMeasures muted blue7 muted blue3/8 muted blueinches muted bluelong. muted blue muted blueWill muted blueresize muted blueup muted blueto muted blue8 muted blueinches muted bluelong muted blueat muted blueno muted blueadditional muted bluecharge.

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