Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wood, Raw Wood pendant necklace organic Sterling Silver



In stock



Sterling jewelrySilver jewelryChain jewelry18"Wood jewelrypendant jewelryWidth: jewelry2.5"The jewelrypendant jewelrycomes jewelrywith jewelrya jewelry18" jewelrysterling jewelrysilver jewelrychain. jewelryWe jewelrycreated jewelrythis jewelrypendant jewelryusing jewelrya jewelrybeautiful jewelryorganic jewelryraw jewelrypiece jewelryof jewelrywood. jewelryIt jewelryis jewelryhanging jewelryfrom jewelrya jewelrysterling jewelrysilver jewelryfinding jewelryfunctional jewelryfor jewelryeveryday jewelrywear. jewelryYou jewelrywill jewelrydefinitely jewelryreceive jewelrycompliments! jewelryConvo jewelryme jewelryif jewelryyou jewelryhave jewelryquestions!! jewelryThanks jewelryso jewelrymuch jewelryfor jewelrylooking. jewelry;)

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