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garden, Cherry earrings



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Cherry 1950searrings.Pending.For 1950spierced 1950sears.Hand-crafted 1950spearls, 1950spolymer 1950sclay 1950sand 1950svarnish.Loop 1950ssupports: 1950ssleepy, 1950sbrass, 1950santique 1950sbronze.Brass 1950srings 1950sand 1950sstems, 1950santique 1950sbronze.Plastic 1950ssheets, 1950ssize: 1950s11/18 1950smm 1950sby 1950s2 1950smm, 1950sgreenBright 1950sred 1950scherriesTotal 1950slength 1950sof 1950searrings: 1950s5.3 1950scm 1950s(approximately)Available 1950sin 1950stwo 1950ssizes:M: 1950sbeads 1950sroughly 1950sequal 1950sto 1950s1 1950scmL: 1950sbeads 1950sroughly 1950sequal 1950sto 1950s1.3 1950scmIf 1950syou 1950swant 1950sa 1950ssmaller 1950smodel, 1950sperhaps 1950smade 1950sto 1950sorder, 1950splease 1950scontact 1950sme.Don't 1950shesitate 1950sto 1950ssend 1950sme 1950sa 1950smessage.Precautions: 1950sDo 1950snot 1950sspray 1950stoilet 1950swater 1950sor 1950sperfume 1950son 1950sthe 1950scurls, 1950smay 1950starnish 1950sthe 1950svarnish 1950s(Vernis 1950scorresponding 1950sto 1950secological 1950sstandards)Don't 1950stake 1950sa 1950sshower, 1950sbath, 1950sswimming 1950spool... 1950swith 1950smy 1950sjewelry.

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