Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

love, Fox Cuddle Love Necklace



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IMPORTANT: totem animalI totem animalcurrently totem animalhave totem animala totem animal2 totem animalweek totem animalwaiting totem animalperiod totem animalfor totem animalall totem animalorders totem animalbefore totem animalI totem animalcan totem animalship totem animalthem. totem animalPlease totem animaltake totem animalthis totem animalinto totem animalaccount totem animalbefore totem animalordering totem animalas totem animalunfortunately totem animalI totem animalam totem animalnot totem animalable totem animalto totem animalensure totem animaldelivery totem animalof totem animalan totem animalitem totem animalbefore totem animal2 totem animalweeks. totem animalI totem animalam totem animalvery totem animalsorry totem animalfor totem animalany totem animaltrouble.-----------------------------A totem animalperfect totem animalgift totem animalfor totem animalyourself totem animalor totem animalthe totem animalfox totem animallover totem animalin totem animalyour totem animallife!In totem animalthis totem animalnecklace totem animaltwo totem animalfoxes totem animalfox totem animalcuddle totem animalup totem animalin totem animala totem animalcircle. totem animalIt totem animalis totem animalhand totem animalsculpted totem animalfrom totem animalpolymer totem animalclay, totem animalpainted totem animalwith totem animalacrylic totem animalpaints totem animaland totem animalmetallic totem animalrub, totem animalthen totem animalfinished totem animalwith totem animala totem animalsealant. totem animalFrom totem animalend totem animalto totem animalend totem animalthe totem animalpendant totem animalmeasures totem animalapproximately totem animal1 totem animalinch. totem animalIf totem animalyou totem animalwould totem animallike totem animalany totem animalvariety totem animalof totem animalthis totem animalnecklace, totem animalincluding totem animaldifferent totem animalanimal totem animalspecies totem animaldo totem animalnot totem animalhesitate totem animalto totem animalask totem animalfor totem animala totem animalcustom totem animalorder! totem animal=)**NOTE** totem animalYour totem animalorder totem animalis totem animalmade totem animalto totem animalorder totem animaland totem animalis totem animalunique, totem animalso totem animalit totem animalwill totem animalvary totem animalslightly totem animalfrom totem animalthe totem animalexample totem animalshown totem animalin totem animalthe totem animalpictures. totem animalI totem animaldo totem animalmy totem animalbest totem animalto totem animalrecreate totem animalmy totem animalpieces totem animalexactly, totem animalbut totem animalplease totem animalallow totem animalfor totem animala totem animalslight totem animalvariation totem animaldue totem animalto totem animalthe totem animalhand-sculpting totem animalprocess. totem animalI totem animalwill totem animalusually totem animalhave totem animalyour totem animalitem totem animalmade totem animaland totem animalin totem animalthe totem animalmail totem animalwithin totem animal1-2 totem animalweeks totem animalif totem animalyou totem animalneed totem animalit totem animalsooner totem animallet totem animalme totem animalknow. totem animalIf totem animalyou totem animalwould totem animallike totem animala totem animalpicture totem animalof totem animalyour totem animalpiece totem animalbefore totem animalfinal totem animalpayment totem animalI totem animalcan totem animalsend totem animalyou totem animalone, totem animaljust totem animalsend totem animalme totem animala totem animalmessage. totem animalI totem animalalso totem animaltake totem animalcustom totem animalorders totem animalfor totem animalpendants totem animalso totem animalyou totem animalcan totem animalhave totem animalyour totem animalfavorite totem animalanimal, totem animalor totem animaleven totem animala totem animalmodel totem animalof totem animalyour totem animalvery totem animalown totem animalpet totem animalto totem animalwear totem animalas totem animaljewelry totem animalor totem animalkeep totem animalas totem animala totem animalfigurine!

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