Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

For this child I have prayed Silver plated necklace. FREE SHIPPINGgift for under 20, no tax



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This necklaceis necklacea necklacebeautiful necklacesilver necklaceplated necklacenecklace. necklaceDome necklacecharm necklacewith necklacethe necklacescripture necklace" necklaceFor necklacethis necklacechild necklaceI necklacehave necklaceprayed" necklaceThis necklacescripture necklaceis necklacefrom necklace necklace1 necklaceSamuel necklace1:27. necklaceThe necklacechain necklaceis necklacealso necklacesilver necklaceplated necklaceand necklaceis necklace18 necklaceinches necklacein necklacelength. necklaceThis necklacewould necklacemake necklacea necklacebeautiful necklacegift necklacefor necklacea necklacebaptism. necklaceFREE necklaceSHIPPING! necklaceThanks necklacefor necklacelooking.

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