Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, Turtle Bracelet - Turtle Jewelry - Coastal - Faceted Crystal - Rose Swarovski Crystal - Pink Bracelet - Sterling Silver



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Turtle coastalbracelet coastalwith coastaloff coastalwhite coastalmagnesite coastalturtle coastalembellished coastalwith coastalsparkling coastalSwarovski coastalcrystals, coastal coastalfaceted coastalCrystal coastalbeads, coastalRose coastalSwarovski coastalcrystal, coastal4mm coastalfuschia coastalSwarovski coastalCrystals, coastaland coastalSterling coastalsilver. coastal coastalThis coastalone coastalmeasures coastal7 coastal1/2 coastalinches coastallong. coastal coastalWe\u2019ve coastaladded coastala coastaldrop coastaldown coastalmenu coastalso coastalsizing coastalis coastalmore coastalconvenient.

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