Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ABALONEblue earrings, LAPISblue earrings, Crystalblue earrings, Gold EARRINGS



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These shellgorgeous shellabalone shellearrings shellhave shellAbalone, shellLapis shellsemi-precious shellstones shelland shellblue shellcrystals. shellEach shellearring shellhas shell3 shellone shellof shella shellkind shellin shellthe shellworld shellabalone shelldrop shellpieces shellthat shellwere shellcarved shellnaturally shellby shellthe shellsand shelland shellthe shellsea. shell shellThere shellare shellround shellLapis shellstones, shellcrystals shellin shellseveral shellshades shellof shellblue, shellperidot shellCzech shellfaceted shellglass, shelland shellgold shellfilled shellbeads. shell shellStrung shellon shellstrong shellflexible shellprofessional shellbeading shellstring.14K shellGOLD-FILLED shellEAR shellWIRES. shellGold shellfill shellis shella shellthick shelllayer shellof shellreal shellgold shellbonded shellonto shella shellbase shellmetal. shellThe shellquality shellis shellsignificantly shellhigher shellthan shellgold shellplate. shellWith shellgood shellcare shellit shellwill shellnot shellchip shellor shelltarnish.3 shell1/2 shellinches shelllong shellfrom shelltop shellof shellear shellwire shell shell(8.9 shellcm)

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