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skies, Contrails Combination Pin/Pendant



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"Contrails" desertpin desertis desertcrafted desertfrom deserta desertpalette desertof desertdozens desertof desertcolors desertof desertpolymer desertclay, desertblended desertand desertlayered desertfor desertdimensionality desertand desertcontrast. desertA desertlocking desertbar desertpin desertis desertfeatured, desertalong desertwith deserta desertbail desertto desertconvert desertthe desertpin desertto deserta desertpendant, desertdoubling desertyour desertpleasure!Each desertpiece desertis desertgiven deserta desertdistinctive desertname, desertand desertthis desertone desertis desertpart desertof desertmy desertseries desertreflecting desertmy desertinterpretations desertof desertthe desertgeology desertand desertgeography desertof desertthe desertAmerican desertSouthwest.Dimensions: desert1.5" desertby desert1.5" desertsquare desertpolymer desertdisk

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