Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, Unheated and Untreated Medium Blue Sapphire Earrings



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These medium bluelittle medium bluegems medium blueare medium bluejust medium bluethe medium blueright medium bluesize.Measuring medium blue5x3mm medium blueand medium blueeach medium blueweight medium bluejust medium blueover medium blue.25ct.Setting medium blueis medium bluea medium blue6 medium blueprong medium bluesterling medium bluesilver medium bluesetting medium blueand medium bluefor medium bluesure medium bluewon't medium bluebe medium bluefalling medium blueout medium blueof medium bluethe medium bluesetting.Unheated medium blueand medium blueuntreated, medium bluethese medium blueare medium blueNOT medium blueblack.These medium bluephotos medium blueare medium blueunder medium bluenatural medium bluelighting medium bluebut medium blueto medium bluehave medium bluethem medium bluein medium blueperson, medium blueyou medium bluewill medium bluesee medium bluea medium bluedifference medium bluein medium bluehow medium blueshiny medium blueand medium blueblue medium bluethey medium bluereally medium blueare.These medium bluesapphires medium bluecan medium bluebe medium bluereset medium bluein medium blue14k medium blueyellow, medium bluewhite medium blueor medium bluerose medium bluegold medium blueat medium bluemarket medium blueprice.Layaway medium blueavailable.

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