Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Chainmaille Braceletbarrel weave, Pansexual Pridebarrel weave, Barrel Weavebarrel weave, Pan Pridebarrel weave, Chainmail Jewelrybarrel weave, Pink Yellow Bluebarrel weave, LGBTQ Jewelry



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This woven metalawesome woven metalpan woven metalpride woven metalchainmaille woven metalbracelet woven metalwas woven metalwoven woven metala woven metalbarrel woven metalweave woven metalusing woven metalsilver woven metalbright woven metalaluminum woven metaland woven metalanodized woven metalaluminum woven metalrings woven metalin woven metalpink, woven metalgolden woven metalyellow, woven metaland woven metalblue. woven metal woven metalThe woven metalbracelet woven metalis woven metalmade woven metalup woven metalof woven metalmany woven metalteeny woven metal"barrels" woven metaland woven metalcan woven metalrepresents woven metalthe woven metalcolors woven metalof woven metalthe woven metalpansexual woven metalpride woven metalflag. woven metal woven metalThis woven metalpiece woven metalis woven metaldainty woven metaland woven metallightweight, woven metaland woven metalis woven metalgreat woven metalfor woven metalshowing woven metalyour woven metalpride!Wrist woven metalSize: woven metal6 woven metal1/2" woven metalto woven metal7" woven metalWidth: woven metal3/8"Colors: woven metalShiny woven metalSilver, woven metalPink, woven metalGolden woven metalYellow, woven metalBlueMaterials: woven metalAnodized woven metalAluminum, woven metalBright woven metalAluminumClasp: woven metalStainless woven metalSteel woven metalLobster woven metalClaw woven metal(darker woven metalsilver woven metalthan woven metalthe woven metalsilver woven metalrings)You woven metalcan woven metalsee woven metalmy woven metalother woven metalpride woven metaljewelry woven metalhere: woven metalhttps://www./shop/Lunachick?search_query=prideQuestions? woven metalFeel woven metalfree woven metalto woven metalcheck woven metalout woven metalmy woven metalShop woven metalPolicies woven metalfor woven metalmore woven metalinfo:http://www./shop/Lunachick/policy?ref=shopinfo_policies_leftnav

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