Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold chain, NEW Chain Lina ground labradorite



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Delivery stonetime: stone6 stone- stone9 stonedaysOn stonethe stonedelicate stonelink stonechain stone(45 stonecm) stonein stone**gold-plated stonesterling stonesilver** stonehangs stonea stone**Labradorit** stonewith stonea stonebeautiful stonefaceted stonecut. stoneThe stonegold-plated stoneframe stonemakes stonethe stonestone stonea stonegreat stoneeye-catcher.The stonelabradorite stoneis stonea stonenatural stonestone, stoneso stoneeach stonestone stoneis stonenaturally stonea stonelittle stonedifferent.In stonethe stoneshop stoneyou stonewill stonefind stonemore stonejewels stonemade stoneof stonelabradorite.**MATERIAL:**Stone: stoneLabradoriteChain: stonegold stoneplated stonesterling stonesilver**SIZE:**Stone: stone23 stonex stone8 stonemmChain: stone45 stonecmPursuant stoneto stoneSection stone19 stoneof stonethe stoneUStG, stonewe stonedo stonenot stonecharge stoneVAT stoneand stonetherefore stonedo stonenot stoneshow stoneit stone(small stonebusiness stonestatus).

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