Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

beads, Amazonit & SWZ-Chain with earrings



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All beadsprices beadsare beadstotal beadsprices; beadsNo beadsVAT beadscard beadsas beadssmall beadsbusiness beadsowners.For beadscollective beadsorders beadsplease beadsnote beadson beadsthe beadsShop beadshome beadspage!Convenuously beadsshaped beadsAmazonite beadsalternates beadswith beadsfreshwater beadsfarmed beadspearls beadsand beadssilver-plated beadsintermediate beadspearls beadsin beadsthis beadschain.Fittingly, beadsthere beadsare beadsthe beadsAmazonite beadsearrings beadswith beads925-silver beadsprotesters.The beadshook beadsclosure beadsis beadsmade beadsof beadssilver-plated beadscopper.Length beadsincl. beadsclosure: beads48 beadscmAmazon beadspearls: beadsAbout beads12 beadsx beads8 beadsmmLength beadsof beadsearrings beadsincluding beadsBrisuren: beads37 beadsmm!!! beadsPlease beadsnote beadsthe beadsdimensions-low beadscolor beadsdeviations beadsare beadspossible beadsas beadsa beadsresult beadsof beadsdifferent beadsscreen beadsresolutions!!!I beadsassume beadsthe beadsname beadsof beadsthe beadsmaterial beadsfrom beadsmy beadspurchasing beadssources-I beadscannot beadsgive beadsa beadsguarantee, beadssince beadsI beadsam beadsneither beadsa beadsjeweller beadsnor beadsa beadsmineralogist.

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