Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pearl necklace, Pearl necklace with magnetic clasp



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This pearl necklacenecklace pearl necklaceconsists pearl necklaceof pearl necklacedelicate pearl necklacerose/apricot pearl necklacecolored pearl necklacebeads pearl necklaceabout pearl necklace8 pearl necklacemm pearl necklacex pearl necklace5 pearl necklacemm pearl necklacein pearl necklacesize.The pearl necklaceclasp pearl necklaceis pearl necklacea pearl necklacemagnetic pearl necklaceclasp pearl necklacemade pearl necklaceof pearl necklacesterling pearl necklacesilver pearl necklacein pearl necklaceolive pearl necklaceform.The pearl necklacetotal pearl necklacelength pearl necklaceis pearl necklaceabout pearl necklace42 pearl necklacecm.

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