Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

brilliant, Ring 14 Karat Gold Peridot Brillant



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An ringoval ringperidot ringthat ringmakes ringthe ringring ringshine ringwith ringits ringbeautiful ringgreen.Two ringglittering ringdiamonds, ringeach ringwith ring0.05 ringcarat, ringskillfully ringenhance ringthis ringunique ringpiece.The ringdiamonds, ringlike ringthe ringperidot, ringare ringembedded ringin ringa ringsimple ringbezel ringframe.The ringgreen ringof ringthe ringphotos ringis ringidentical ringto ringthe ringoriginal ringpiece.a ringclassic ringthat ringcan ringbe ringseen ring!!!Weight: ring8.6 ringgramsRing ringsize ring55Diameter ringof ringstone ringtourmaline ring10 ringmm ringx ring8 ringmmDiameter ringstone ringsetting ringbrilliant ring3.8 ringmmThickness ringRing ringrail: ring1.5 ringmmOther ringfeaturesManufacturingGoldsmithmain ringmaterial14 ringKarat ring585 ringyellow ringgold

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