Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

30 20mm silver charmsjewelry setting, Round Pendant Trayjewelry setting, jewelry blankjewelry setting, 3/4 inch bezeljewelry setting, 20mm bezeljewelry setting, resin framejewelry setting, silver settingjewelry setting, photo jewelryjewelry setting,USA seller



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I blanksship blanksdaily blanksfrom blanksthe blanksUSA blanksMonday blanksthrough blanksFriday. blanks blanks30 blanksRound blanksPendant blanksTray blanksBlanks, blanks3/4 blanksinch blanksbezel, blanks20mm blanksround blankscharm blankssetting, blanksphoto blanksjewelry, blanksbezel, blanksframe, blanksbase, blanksholds blanks20mm blankscabochonMatching blanksglass blanksand blanksepoxy blanksstickers blanksare blanksalso blanksavailable.Superior blanksquality blankspendant blankstray blankssettings blanksthat blankshold blanksa blanks20mm blanks(approx. blanks3/4 blanksinch blankscabochon. blanks blanksThey blanksare blankscompletely blankssealed, blanksso blanksare blanksperfect blanksfor blanksusing blanksresin blanksor blanksglaze. blanks blanksVersatile blanksround blanksbezel blankssettings blanksthat blanksare blanksperfect blanksfor blankscharm blanksbracelets, blankspendants blanksand blanksphoto blanksjewelry.Shiny blankssterling-look blankssilver blanksfinish blanksmade blanksof blankszinc blanksalloy blanksthat blanksis blankscadmium, blankslead blanksand blanksnickel blankssafe.Inner blanksdiameter: blanks20mmSturdy, blankswill blanksnot blanksbend blanksor blankswarpMaterial: blanks blanksZinc blanksalloy, blankscadmium, blankslead blanksand blanksnickel blankssafe.

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