Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Antique Silver Berber khol box from Morocco with a stampbox, Moroccan Jewelry



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An moroccoold moroccosilver moroccoberber moroccokhol moroccobox moroccofrom moroccoMorocco, moroccoused moroccoby moroccowomen moroccoto moroccoput moroccokhol moroccoin moroccothe moroccoeyes, moroccois moroccobeautiful moroccoand moroccohas moroccoa moroccostamp moroccoon moroccothe moroccorigh moroccoand moroccodecorated moroccowith moroccoroses moroccoand moroccoleaves moroccoand moroccowith moroccofine moroccoedge moroccodecoration,\u00a0The moroccokohl moroccobox moroccois moroccoin moroccogood moroccocondition. moroccoLength morocco: morocco6,2 moroccocm morocco(2,4 moroccoinches) moroccoWidth morocco: morocco2,5 moroccocm morocco(1 moroccoinches)

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