Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewelry, New Mexico 15 Combination Pin/Pendant



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"New pinsMexico pins15" pinsis pinscrafted pinsfrom pinsa pinspalette pinsof pinsdozens pinsof pinscolors pinsof pinspolymer pinsclay, pinsblended pinsand pinslayered pinsfor pinsdimensionality pinsand pinscontrast. pinsThe pinspin pinsis pinsfitted pinswith pinsa pinslocking pinsbar pinspin, pinsbut pinsalso pinsfeatures pinsa pinsplastic pinssleeve pinsto pinsconvert pinsthe pinspin pinsto pinsa pinspendant, pinsdoubling pinsyour pinspleasure!Each pinspiece pinsis pinsgiven pinsa pinsdistinctive pinsname, pinsand pinsthis pinsone pinsis pinspart pinsof pinsmy pinsSouthwest pinsseries, pinswhich pinsreflects pinsmy pinsinterpretation pinsof pinsthe pinsgeology pinsand pinslandscape pinsof pinsthe pinsAmerican pinsSouthwest.Dimensions: pins2" pinsround pinspolymer pinsclay pinsdisk

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