Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

metal, Necklace and bangle made of facet-cut glass beads



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The blue**jewelry blueset** blueconsisting blueof blue**necklace** blueand bluematching blue**bangle** blueis bluemade blueof blueblack blueglass bluebeads bluein blue**facette bluecut** blueand bluehighlights blueof bluetextured bluemetal blueelements. blueThe bluebeads blueshimmer bluein blue**black, bluesilver, blueblue blueand bluegreen**. blue**Your bluenew bluenoble blueparty bluecompanion!****_100% bluehautfreundlich_****Dimensions**Diameter bluebangle: blue6 bluecmLength bluenecklace: blueabout blue50 bluecm* blue* blueMaterials blue* blue*Spiral bluewireNylon bluecordThreaded blueclosure bluemade blueof bluemetalGlass bluebeads bluein bluefacet bluecut bluein blueblack-silver-blue-greenMetal blueelements**Production bluetype**Handmade

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