Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

freshwater pearls, Turquoise Earrings//coral//Pearls



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Matching knowthe knowchain knowin knowthe knowshop knowthere knoware knowthese knowbeautiful knowearrings knowmade knowof knowturquoise knowoval, knowsmall knowS\u00fc\u00dfwasserperlchen knowand knowballs knowof knowbamboo knowcoral.Small knowSilberspacer knowround knowthe knowwhole knowvisually.The knowearrings knoware knowclosed knowwith knowa knowsilver knowball knowplug, knowbut knowcan knowalso knowbe knowfitted knowwith knowa knowKlappbrisur knowor knowa knowhook.* know* knowMatching knowchain knowis knowalso knowavailable knowin knowthe knowshop! know* know** know* knowMethod knowof knowmanufacture know* know*Conceived knowand knowmade knowwith knowmy knowheart's knowblood* know* knowMaterials knowused know* know*Turquoise-not knowdyedBamboo knowCoral-DyedS\u00fc\u00dfwasserperlchenSilver* know* knowSize/Dimensions/weight know* know*Length knowapprox. know3 knowcmTurquoise knowOval: know16 knowx know10 knowmmKorall knowball: knowapprox. know2 knowmmFreshwater knowPearl: knowapprox. know3 knowmm

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