Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Gold Star Earringsconstellation, solid 14k yellow gold



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These spaceearrings spaceare spacemade spaceout spaceof spacesolid space14k spaceyellow spacegold spaceand spacefeature spacegold spacestars. space spaceI spacetexture spacethe spacestars spaceafter spacecutting spacethem spaceout, spaceand spacethis spacegives spacethem spacea spacenice spacesurface spaceand spacehelps spacethem spacecatch spacelight spacefrom spacedifferent spaceangles. space spaceThey spaceare spacequality spacestamped spaceon spacethe spaceback space(see spacelast spaceimage spacein spacethis spacelisting.) space spaceThey spaceare spacegreat spacego-to spaceearrings spacefor spaceeveryday, spacewith spacea spacebit spaceof spacefun spacethrown spacein space:)Send spaceme spacean spaceetsy spaceconvo spaceor spaceemail spacewith spaceany spaceand spaceall spacequestions. space spaceI spacecan spacemake spacethese spacein spacerose spacegold, spacejust spaceask!Thank spaceyou!

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