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Little Flower TOM K Just be ... Romance sometimes different ..., elegant, mysterious and noble colors ... real beautiful gems in fine cabochon polish and carved in relief, noble versions with that certain extra. The real moonstones here are beige gray quite slightly transparent and in 3 D leaf shape. The 2 unique stones have a different shade, but harmonized perfectly ... and gives the earrings the extravagance. The matching Moonstone drops are romantically framed in slightly irregular caps, which is decorated with an elaborately processed bluete. A tourmaline sparkles in the bluete.The two unique moonstones give the ensemble the extra charm and they harmonize wonderfully with each other. The noble leaf relief of the moonstones gives the stone with a different play of colours and velvety shine. All is handmade in sterling silver and 24 K real gilding ...Here you get 1 pair of fine ear haengs.Description:Brand: TOM K. Just beItem: EarringsDelivery: 1 pair of Moonstone Unique earhaenger. Rose gildingMaterial: Sterling silver and 24 K gilding, moonstones up to about 22 mm with tourmaline.Processing: HandmadeSize: About 3.8 cm in totalMore earrings in the shop look in. Pearl plugs can also order individually please request, as well as the individual Switch it bricks.More information or products can be found on request.Wholesale prices on request. Minimum acceptance per Article 4 Stucco.For foreign orders, there may be customs clearance in the recipient country, customs dues and taxes are not included in the purchase price and are not our responsibility.Please contact our customer service for any questions you may have.Thank you very much.

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