Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

one of a kind, Funky Necklace No. 9 (Glow-in-the-dark)



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"Funky funkyNecklace funkyNo. funky9" funkyis funkya funkyone-of-a-kind funkypiece funkyof funkywearable funkyart, funkyhandcrafted funkyfrom funkya funkypalette funkyof funkydozens funkyof funkycolors funkyof funkypolymer funkyclay, funkyblended funkyand funkylayered funkyfor funkydimensionality funkyand funkycontrast. funkyEach funkypiece funkyis funkygiven funkya funkydistinctive funkyname funkyand funkythis funkyis funkyone funkyof funkymy funky"Funky funkyNecklace" funkyseries.The funkynecklace funkyfeatures funkya funky2.75" funkycircle funkyof funkydisks funkywith funkyfour funkysmall funkydisks funkyattached funkyaround funkythe funkycentral funkydisk funkywith funkyjewelry funkyfindings, funkyas funkyif funkymoons funkycircling funkya funkyplanet. funkyFour funkyhandmade funkybeads funkyof funkythe funkysame funkycolors funkyadorn funkyeach funkyside funkyof funkythe funkygold funkysilk funkycold. funkyThe funkynecklace funkyis funkyfinished funkywith funkya funkyloop funkyand funkybead funkyfor funkyeasy funkyon/off. funkyThe funkyback funkyof funkythe funkypiece funkyis funkyfinished funkywith funkyblack funkyfelt. funkyThe funkylight funkycolored funkyportions funkyof funkythe funkypendant funkyfeature funkyglow-in-the-dark funkyclay!Total funkylength funkyis funky24", funkyheight funkyis funky12" funkyand funkywidth funkyis funky2.75"Enjoy funkybeing funky"funky" funkywith funkythis funkypiece funkyof funkyglow-in-the-dark funkywearable funkyart!

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