Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

magic, PEACE/ Glass Bottle Necklace/Trinket/Inspirational



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Foxx charmsLeaf charmsDesign charmsHandmade charmsby charmsMarie charmsFeeley charmsLogstonWish charmsGlass charmsBottle charmsNecklaces charmsare charmsHandmade charmswith charmsTop charmsof charmsthe charmsLine charmsGlass charmsBeads, charms charmsStone charmsBeads, charmsCharms, charmsor charmsVery charmsSpecial charmsTrinkets. charmsMagical, charmsWhimsical, charmsWishes charmsfrom charmsthe charmsHeart, charmsor charmsanything charmsI charmsdeem charmsdown charmsright charmsPretty, charmsis charmsadded charmsto charmsmake charmseach charmsTreasure charmsUnique.Cap charmsis charmsSealed.Tiny charmsGlass charmsBottle charmsMeasures charms1" charmsPackaged charmswith charmscare. charmsArrives charmsin charmsa charmslittle charmswhite charmsbox.Thanks charmsfor charmsVisiting!Made charmsin charmsthe charmsUSA

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