Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

artisan jewelry, Silver earrings. Gold earrings. VASAI. Author jewelry.



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VASAI stylish earringsearrings.Silver: stylish earringsMade stylish earringsof stylish earrings925 stylish earringssterling stylish earringssilver. stylish earringsGloss stylish earringsfinish.Golden: stylish earringsMade stylish earringsof stylish earringsbrass stylish earringsand stylish earringscovered stylish earringswith stylish earringsa stylish earrings2 stylish earringsmicron stylish earringsgold stylish earringsbath. stylish earringsGloss stylish earringsfinish.Approximate stylish earringsdimensions: stylish earrings3.5 stylish earringsx stylish earrings2.0 stylish earringscm.Handcrafted stylish earringscrafting.

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