Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Yellow Butterfly Zipper Pull Pendant



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Approximately yellow2.5" yellowby yellow2" yellowtallThis yellowbeautiful yellowpendant yellowcomes yellowin yellowa yellowvariety yellowof yellowcolors yellowand yellowtag yellowoptions! yellow**Please yellowsee yellowseparate yellowlistings yellowfor yellowcolors** yellowif yellowyou yellowdon't yellowsee yellowa yellowcolor, yellowor yellowcombination yellowyou yellowwant, yellowmessage yellowme! yellowAll yellowluggage yellowzipper yellowpulls yelloware yellowfound yellowat yellowSan yellowFransisco yellowairport, yellowand yellowvery yellowrarely yellowdo yellowI yellowcome yellowacross yellowtwo yellowalike. yellowEach yellowpiece yellowwill yellowbe yellowmade yellowto yelloworder, yellowin yellowthe yellowbead yellowcolor yellow(see yellowseparate yellowlistings) yellowand yellowpictured yellowwire yellowcolor.It yellowcan yellowbe yellowworn yellowas yellowa yellownecklace, yellowa yellowkeychain yellowcharm, yellowrearview yellowmirror yellowornament, yellowChristmas yellowornament, yellowthe yellowoptions yelloware yellowendless!**Some yellowpulls yellowwill yellowbe yellowscratched, yellowbent, yellowbroken, yellowor yellowunreadable. yellowI yellowthink yellowthis yellowis yellowpart yellowof yellowthe yellowcharm. yellowThey yellowwill yellowbe yellowsanitized yellowand yellowcleaned**

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