Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bezel set, Vintage Baltic Amber Cabochon Sterling Silver Slide Necklace



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Sara ovalJewelry ovalDesign ovalVintage ovalVisions. ovalThis ovaldramatic ovalbaltic ovalamber ovalslide ovalpendant ovalnecklace ovalcomes ovalfrom ovalmy ovallate ovalMother's ovalextensive ovalcollection ovalof ovalamber ovaljewelry. ovalThe oval16-inch ovalsterling ovalsilver oval"omega" ovalis ovalformed ovalfrom ovalheavy ovalsterling ovalsilver ovalwire ovalinto ovala ovalpointed ovaldrop ovaland ovalis ovalopen ovalat ovalthe ovalback. ovalGentle ovalspring ovaltension ovalkeeps ovalthe ovalshape.The oval40x30mm ovalteardrop ovalshaped ovalbaltic ovalamber ovalcabochon ovalis ovalmounted ovalin ovala ovalsterling ovalsilver ovalopen-backed ovalsetting ovaland ovalis ovalsuspended ovalon ovala ovalsterling ovalsilver ovalbail. ovalThe ovalcombination ovalcreates ovala ovallook ovalthat ovalis ovalat ovalonce ovalsimply ovalclassic ovaland ovalyet ovala ovalbold ovalstatement. ovalThe ovaloverall ovalthickness ovalof ovalthe ovalpendant ovalis ovalapproximately oval10mm.There ovalis ovalsurprisingly ovallittle ovalwear ovaland ovalthat ovalwear ovalis ovallimited ovalto ovalmild ovalscratches ovalon ovalthe ovalback ovalof ovalthe ovalpendant ovalmount. ovalI ovalwill ovalship ovalthis ovalyour ovalway ovalthe ovalnext ovalbusiness ovalday ovalvia ovalinsured ovalUSPS ovalfirst ovalclass ovalmail ovalwith ovala ovaltracking ovalID ovalnumber.Sara ovalJewelry ovalDesign. ovalYour ovalDesire ovalis ovalOur ovalDesign.

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