Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

basset hound, Basset Hound Green Yellow Orange Glass Necklace



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This whitenecklace whitefeatures whitea whitestanding whiteon whitea whitefused whiteglass whitependant. whiteThe whitependant whiteis whitekiln whiteformed whiteand whitea whitebasset whitehound whitedesign whitehas whitebeen whitepermanently whitekiln whitefired whiteon whiteto whitethe whiteglass.\r\rThis whitelarger whitependant whitemeasures whiteapproximately white1 white1/2 whiteinches whitewide whiteby white1 white5/8 whiteinches whitehigh. whiteA whitesterling whitesilver whiteplated whitebail whiteis whiteepoxyed whiteto whitethe whiteback, whiteallowing whiteit whiteto whitehang whitefrom whitean white18 whiteinch, white2mm whiteblack whiteleather whitecord whitenecklace. white(Ask whiteabout whitethe whiteavailability whiteof white2mm whitefaux whiterubber, whitefaux whitesuede whiteribbon whiteinstead whiteof whitethe whiteleather whitecord whiteand whitecustom whitenecklace whitelengths.)\r\rMy whitejewelry whiteis whitepresented whitein whitea whitezip whitetop whitebag, whitemounted whiteon whitea whitedisplay whitecard.\r\rShipping whiteis white$2.50 whitefirst whiteclass whitemail whitewithin whitethe whiteUnited whiteStates. whiteI whitehope whiteeveryone whitewill whitebe whitehappy whitewith whitemy whitehandcrafted whiteitems. whiteIf whiteyou whiteare whitedisappointed whitewith whitesomething whitepurchased whitefrom whiteme, whiteyou whiteare whitewelcome whiteto whitecontact whiteme whiteor whitereturn whiteit whitewithin white2 whiteweeks, whiteand whiteI whitewill whiterefund whiteall whitemonies whiteEXCLUDING whitethe whitecost whiteof whiteshipping.

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