Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

upcycled, Upcycled Royal Layered Chain and Vintage Beaded Brooch Necklace



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I royalhave royaltaken royalseveral royaldifferent royaltypes royaland royallenths royalof royalchains royalfrom royalthe royal50's royaland royal60's royaland royalcombined royalthem royalinto royala royalmodern royallayered royallook. royalThe royalcombination royalof royalGold, royalcopper,and royalpainted royalchain royalare royalhung royalto royaldrape royalin royal9 royalexcending royallayers royalat royalbottom.The royalbrooch royalis royala royaldelicate royalgolden royalmetal royalfilagree royalfrom royalthe royal50's royaland royalI royalhave royaladded royalswarovski royalcrystals.The royalcolors royalof royalpurple royaland royalgold royalencircle royalthe royalbrooch royalupward royaltill royalit royalends royalwith royala royalaustralian royalchip royalopal.Reminds royalme royalof royalroyalty!A royalcrowning royaljewel!Length royal27 royalinches royallongBrooch royalmeasures royal2 royalinches royalwide201

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