Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

crystal, Vintage Golden Yellow Flower Pin-back Brooch or Lapel Pin



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Sara yellowJewelry yellowDesign yellowVintage yellowVisions. yellowThis yellowbelonged yellowto yellowmy yellowgrandmother, yellowand yellowI yellowcan yellowrecall yellowher yellowpurchasing yellowit, yellowand yellowa yellowfew yellowothers, yellowat yellowan yellowend-of-the-month yellowsale yellowat yellowa yellowdepartment yellowstore. yellowMy yellowgrandmother yellowwas yellowa yellowpainter yellowand yellowshe yellowloved yellowbright yellowcolors. yellowThis yellowlarge, yellowmetal, yellowpin-back yellowbrooch yellowis yellowcertainly yellowbright, yellowbeing yellowa yellowsunny yellowshade yellowof yellowgolden yellowyellow. yellowStunningly yellowattractive yellowagainst yellowa yellowdark yellowbackground; yellowwould yellowliven yellowup yelloweven yellowthe yellowmost yellowdismal yellowday. yellowThe yellowbrooch yellowmeasures yellow3.5 yellowinches yellowin yellowlength yellowand yellowabout yellow2.25 yellowinches yellowin yellowwidth. yellowIt yellowis yellowabout yellow3/4 yellowof yellowan yellowinch yellowthick yellowoverall. yellowConverted yellowto yellowmetric yellowsystem, yellowit yellowis yellowapproximately yellow92mm yellowx yellow75mm. yellowThe yellowpin-back yellowis yellowapproximately yellow1.50 yellowinches yellowor yellow40mm yellowin yellowlength. yellowAt yellowthe yellowcenter yellowis yellowan yellow8mm yellowclear yellowcrystal yellowthat yellowhas yellowan yellowaurora yellowborealis yellowfinish. yellowIt yellowis yellowin yellowextremely yellowgood yellowcondition.I yellowwill yellowship yellowthis yellowyour yellowway yellowthe yellownext yellowbusiness yellowday yellowvia yellowUSPS yellowfirst yellowclass yellowmail yellowwith yellowa yellowtracking yellowID yellownumber.Sara yellowJewelry yellowDesign. yellowYour yellowDesire yellowis yellowour yellowDesign

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