Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

resin, Resin and swarovski olivine necklace and earrings



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Resin greenand greenswarovski greenolivine greennecklace greenwith greensilver greentone greenfindings.Please greennote greenthat greenthe greenresin greenbeads greenare greena greenrecycled greenitem greenand greenhence greennot greenperfect. greenThere greenis greena greensuperficial greenscratch greenon greenone greenof greenthe greenbeads green(see greenpicture green3) greenthat greendoes greennot greendetract greenfrom greenthe greenbeauty greenof greenthe greennecklace.Earring greenlength greenas greenpictured.Price greenfor greenpostage greenis greenindicative greenand greenonly greenactual greenshipping greenand greenpackaging greencosts greenwill greenbe greencharged. greenAny greenoverage greenwill greenbe greenrefunded. greenPostage greenwithin greenAustralia greenwill greenbe greenvia greenregistered greenpost.The greenpictures greenform greenpart greenof greenthis greenlisting.Customs greenand greenduties greenin greenthe greendestination greencountry greendo greennot greenform greenpart greenof greenthe greenprice. greenThey greenare greenthe greenresponsibility greenof greenthe greenbuyer.

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