Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

findings, 24 inch .925 sterling silver 1mm snake chain necklace Perfect for my pendants smooth simple round shiny lobster clasp



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This length.925 lengthsterling lengthsilver lengthsnake lengthchain lengthis length1mm lengthwide lengthwith lengthlobster lengthclasp lengthand length.925 lengthstamped lengthhanging lengthtag. lengthThis lengthlisting lengthis lengthfor lengthone length24" lengthchain. length lengthThese lengthgo lengthgreat lengthwith lengthmy lengthpendants lengthor lengthany lengthpendant lengthyou lengthmay lengthwant lengthto lengthwear! lengthPretty lengthand lengthsimple lengthnecklace lengthfor lengtheveryday!Last lengthphoto lengthshows lengthhow lengththis lengthstyle lengthof lengthchain lengthlooks lengthwhen lengthworn, lengthnot lengthnecessarily lengththis lengthlength lengthlisted, lengthcharms lengthand lengthpendants lengthnot lengthincluded.I lengthhave lengththese lengthavailable lengthin length16", length18", length20", length22" length24" lengthand length30"

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