Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Vintage Gorgeous Swan Charm 800 Sterling European Charmbeauty, Symbol of Beautybeauty, Love and Purity



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Vintage beautySterling beauty800 beautySwan beautyCharmThe beautyGraceful beautyand beautyLovely beautySwan beauty... beautySymbolic beautyof beautyBeauty, beautyLove beautyand beautyPurity. beautyIt beautywill beautyMake beautya beautyvery beautySpecial beautyGift!This beautyUnmarked beautySterling beauty800 beautyCharm beautyis beautyan beautyEstate beautyItem beautyFrom beautya beautyCollection beautyof beautyOlder beauty800 beautyCharms. beautyThe beautySwan beautyCharm beautyIs beautyPuffed beautyand beautyNicely beautyDetailed beautyand beautyQuite beautyDelightful! beautyThe beautySwan beautyhas beautya beautyGraceful beautyArched beautyNeck. beautyThe beautyVintage beautyCharm beautyhas beautyNice beautyPatina.Condition: beautyExcellent, beautyNo beautyFlawsMeasurements: beauty1/2"

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