Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

upcycled, Long vintage tin black tassel necklace



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I\u2019m tasselloving tasselthis tasseltassel tasselnecklace tasselstyle tasselright tasselnow! tasselThe tasseltassel tasselis tasselblack tasseland tasselhas tassela tasselsmall tasselband tasselof tasselvintage tasseltin tasselaround tasselit. tasselThere\u2019s tasselanother tasselpiece tasselof tasseltin tasselwith tassela tasselbeautiful tasselmetallic tasselpiece tasselof tasselleather tasselbehind tasselit. tasselChain tasselis tasselbrass tasseland tasselthe tasselsmall tasselbeads tasselare tasselCzech tasselglass. tasselNecklace tasselchain tasselis tassel32 tasselinches tasseland tasselpendant tasselis tasselanother tassel6. tasselMessage tasselwith tasselany tasselquestions!

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