Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

photo, Custom resin keepsake memory lightweight square charm watch bracelet 7.5 inch personalized with your photos or images



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For motherthose motherwho motherlove mothercustomized motherphoto motherjewelry...this motherwatch motheris motherfor motheryou!Each motherof motherthe mother1" mothersquare mothercharms motherfeatures mothera motherdifferent motherphoto motheror motherimage motherof motheryour motherchoosing, motherI mothercan motheralso motheradd motherspecial mothersentiment mothercharms motheras motherwell. motherThe motherimages motherare motherplaced motherunder mothera motherclear motherglassy motherresin, motherand motherare motherwaterproof motherand motherlightweight. motherThe mothercharms motherare motherlinked motherwith mothersilver motherplated motherjumprings, motherand motherfinished motheroff motherwith mothera mothertoggle motherand motherloop motherclasp motherclosure. motherI mothercan mothermake motherthem motherwith mothercircle mothercharms motheras motherwell. motherLength motheris motherapprox. mother7.5"...I mothercan motheradd motherextra motherloops motherto motherextend motherthe motherlength motherif motherneeded.Makes mothera mothergreat mothergift motherfor motherall! mother motherI mothercan mothermake motheras mothermany motheras motheryou motherwould motherlike! mother motherEmail motheryour motherimages motherto [email protected] motheror motherattach motherthem motherto mothera motherconvo. motherI motherwill motheredit, mothercrop motherand motherresize motherfor motheryou. mother motherI mothercan motheralso mothermake motherthem motherblack motherand motherwhite motheror mothersepia motherif motheryou motherwish.Watch motherportion mothermay mothervary motherslightly, motherplease motherinquire motherif motheryou motherneed mothera mothercertain motherface mothercolor motheror mothershape

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