Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jade, 9ct gold jade pendant and 9ct gold chain



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9ct goldgold goldjade goldpendant goldand gold9ct goldgold goldchainChain goldlength goldapprox. gold40.5cm goldincluding goldclaspMarkings gold9k goldand gold375Price goldfor goldpostage goldis goldindicative goldand goldonly goldactual goldshipping goldand goldpackaging goldcosts goldwill goldbe goldcharged. goldAny goldoverage goldwill goldbe goldrefunded. goldPostage goldwithin goldAustralia goldwill goldbe goldvia goldregistered goldpost.The goldpictures goldform goldpart goldof goldthis goldlisting.Customs goldand goldduties goldin goldthe golddestination goldcountry golddo goldnot goldform goldpart goldof goldthe goldprice. goldThey goldare goldthe goldresponsibility goldof goldthe goldbuyer.

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