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Funky Flower Felt Brooch - Hand stitched blue floral brooch made with felted merino lambswool - Colourfulhandmade brooch, kitsch and fun flower design



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A blue flowercute, blue flowerkitsch blue flowerand blue flowercolourful blue flowerlittle blue flowerhandmade blue flowerbrooch, blue flowerperfect blue flowerfor blue flowerbrightening blue flowerup blue floweryour blue flowerday blue flowerwith blue flowera blue flowerfloral blue flowertwist. blue flowerOr blue floweryou blue flowercould blue flowersend blue flowerit blue flowerto blue flowera blue flowerflower-loving blue flowerfriend blue flowerto blue flowermake blue flowerthem blue flowersmile!The blue flowermain, blue flowerblue blue flowerpart blue flowerof blue flowerthe blue flowerbrooch blue flowerbacking blue floweris blue flowermade blue flowerfrom blue flowermy blue flowerown blue flowermachine blue flowerknitted blue flowerfabric blue flowerwhich blue flowerhas blue flowerbeen blue flowerfelted blue flowerto blue flowermake blue flowera blue flowerlovely blue flowersoft blue flower& blue flowerdense blue flower100% blue flowerMerino blue flowerLambswool blue flowerfelt. blue flowerThe blue flowerpure blue flowerwool blue flowerused blue flowerfor blue flowerthis blue flowerhas blue flowera blue flowerreally blue flowerbeautiful blue flowerquality blue flowerand blue floweris blue flowerspun blue flowerright blue flowerhere blue flowerin blue flowerthe blue flowerUK. blue flowerThe blue flowerturquoise blue flowerflower blue flowerhas blue flowerbeen blue flowerpunched blue flowerout blue flowerof blue flowerreal blue flowerleather. blue flowerTo blue flowerfinish blue flowerit blue flowerall blue floweroff, blue flowerand blue flowerfor blue flowera blue flowerlittle blue floweradded blue flowertouch blue flowerof blue flowerkitsch blue flowerfun, blue flowerI blue flowersewed blue floweron blue flowera blue flowersweet blue flowerlittle blue flowerheart blue flowerbutton blue flowerin blue flowerpurple.All blue flowerthree blue flowerelements blue flowerare blue flowerhand blue flowerstitched blue flowertogether blue flowersecurely blue flowerwith blue flowerwhite blue flowerembroidery blue flowerthread blue flowerand blue flowerthe blue flowerpin blue flowerattaches blue flowerwith blue flowera blue flowersilver blue flowerplated blue flowerbrooch blue flowerback blue floweron blue flowerthe blue flowerreverse.Handmade blue flowerin blue flowerScotland.Approx. blue flowerDimensions: blue flower2 blue flowerinches blue flower/ blue flower5.5 blue flowercm blue flowerdiameter

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